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SimonShone“Feeding from the ground allows a horse to stretch its neck down into a more
natural position.


“This can help prevent unnecessary neck straining, as well as providing the best position for the airways to drain. The hay cube also makes it easy to dampen or soak the hay, which can be essential in the management of certain medical conditions.”

BeverlyBerns“The Haycube really is an excellent product.

“It allows the horse to eat with a natural relaxed posture meaning that the neck and back are stretched through the top line helping to keep joints and muscles supple. The teeth and jaw work also in natural posture minimising joint and muscle strain. Even more importantly, the Haycube mimics ground level feeding but eliminates contamination of food which can occur when feeding directly from the floor.”


“With the number of laminitic cases increasing year on year, the tedious task of soaking hay is an essential part of life for many horses & their owners.


The Haycube is an excellent solution to such a messy & time – consuming chore; and at a very affordable price.”

“Hay Cube is one of the best products to hit the equestrian market.

So why is the ‘HayCube’ such a brilliant idea I hear you ask? Well lets start…the Haycube offers a ‘natural’ feeding position, it is easy to fill, holds approx 2/3rds of a standard bale of hay, offers a mess free way to feed hay, saves hay being wasted, it’s sturdy, robust and safe, it can be used anywhere and it features integrated wheels for easy transportation and a carry top handle.”


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